Sheep we have loved … and lost


Before the tractor there were the sheep. Well two dorper lambs that we acquired from a fellow farmer who suggested them as a good way to keep the grass down, and to then eat. Easter here we come, or so we thought…

Two lovely looking dorper sheep that I named “Jabba” and “Huut” (for reasons that you don’t need to know, and yes it is Star Wars related!). Dorper sheep are fairly new to Australia – coming from South Africa they don’t grow conventional wool as we know it, therefore no need to shear. They are also good for eating which is why they were imported in the first place. Many farmers around the Robertson area are raising them for meat we soon discovered.

So, after a great adventure collecting the sheep (flat tyres, getting lost, etc, etc), not to mention actually getting them out of the trailer (who knew lambs were so strong and jumpy?), it was on to a lovely life for them in the back paddock of Abbeydore.

At first they were tied to large water containers with plenty of room to move, eat, drink and find shade. They soon seduced us into believing they’d be fine NOT tied up which was where our troubles started and their adventure began. After their collars were off, it was a slow walk down past the back paddock and into the forested area and BAM! Away they went.

After a frantic search, a Facebook plea (amid much stirring of us I should add!) Jabba and Huut were last seen somewhere down Wilde’s Meadow way, never to be found – we think they landed in someone’s flock, and most likely, their freezer.

Never mind – was a great way to meet the neighbours and for them to realise (as one of them said to us) “Just shows how shit all our fencing is”.

Anyways, we ended up with a proper tractor and a good life lesson – don’t trust those innocent-looking lambs, they can be really evil!

[PS. This post appears now as it has been one year since our lamb adventure. Would we do it again? Maybe…]


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