In praise of fresh eggs

IMG_20170507_090045I must confess I don’t think I have ever tasted a truly fresh egg, well not since my very early childhood visiting our Aunty Win and Uncle Clem’s Shellharbour farm back in the day.

At Abbeydore we have seven lovely ladies who (mostly) provide us with an egg each day. The funny thing is that Moza can tell which girl laid which egg – Kath and Maree’s are rich brown and big; Gail and Lyinda’s are freckled (just like their namesakes!); Itty’s are smaller and sometimes speckled; whereas our newest girls, Joan and Jude’s are almost white and often soft-shelled (why? we don’t know).

Eating these eggs lightly fried, scrambled or hard-boiled and mashed with fresh chives in egg sandwiches I have to say is one of the joys of farming. However, it is in cakes, pasta, lemon curd and especially ice cream, that they really come into their own – the taste is incredible and ‘eggy’, and the colour (especially in ice cream) is amazing.

Oh, and Moza does love his Zabaglione for breakfast – I haven’t warmed to that yet, but you never know, one day I may just succumb!

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