I-scream, you-scream, we all scream for ice cream

KA with pieOne of the best cooking gadgets I ever bought was a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. But, it doesn’t stop there. The attachments have really been a great addition to this incredible machine – pasta maker, sausage stuffer-thingy, along with the food grinder coupled with the vegetable strainer meant we could make our own small batches of tomato passatta. However, it is the ice cream attachment (bought on sale!) that I’ve really been enjoying using.

Lemon ice cream with cinnamon biscuits

By using our girls’ fresh egg yolks the ice cream results in an amazing colour, taste and creamy texture, which means it doesn’t last long in the Abbeydore household! Apart from the classic vanilla bean, some other flavours I’ve experimented successfully with are lemon (yes, lemon!), chocolate, fresh mango and passionfruit.

I came across a recipe for Marsala ice cream which I tried with great results: according to Moza it was “awesome and silky smooth”. Interestingly this was the only ice cream made with whole eggs and one I’ll definitely do for Christmas, probably paired with a yummy Ginger Cake I made the other week (sourced from one of my very old classic Women’s Weekly cookbooks).

One great thing I also learned was how to use up all those excess egg whites. While I love friands, I’d never made them and didn’t realise that they are actually based on, you guessed it – egg whites (thanks for the tip Daila!). Here’s some of my favourite friand recipes (listed here so I don’t lose them):

So, here’s to homemade ice cream, friands and an essential kitchen gadget, with many more years of great cooking and experimenting to come – sausages anyone?



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