Strawberry Fields, forever


This is an experiment in growing strawberries. Moza saw an idea on Instagram and, being the clever fellow he is, adapted it for our orchard – a downpipe strawberry grower!

Here’s how he did it (and you can too!):

  1. Find an unused downpipe
  2. Fill with a lovely mix of soil and compost
  3. Cover each end to prevent soil escaping (he used duct tape)
  4. Drill small holes along one of the short sides
  5. Source strawberry plants – we were lucky enough to get some via a Facebook post to our local neighborhood group
  6. Carefully plant one strawberry plant in each hole (they are quite delicate)
  7. Attach the downpipe strawberry grower to the orchard fence at each end with cable ties
  8. Water plants and enjoy!

I have to say have never tasted – or smelled – strawberries so fresh. They taste sooo much better that any store-bought ones I have ever had.

Now to keep the crop coming – and to think of a better name for this contraption!

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