An #abbeydoreproduce box for @lennoxhastie

One of the (many) reasons we moved to Abbeydore was to grow enough food to sustain us and to be able to share with family and friends. So far we have managed to achieve both, although learning to cook with the seasons has been an interesting and very rewarding challenge. In practical terms this means, for example, no more zucchini until the end of the year, a continuous planting of lettuce, copious apple pies, lots of ice cream,  and a frantic time in the kitchen pickling and preserving cucumbers!

One of the great joys of our production so far has been sharing our produce – continuously supplying Nonna with eggs, silverbeet and tomatoes; giving away jars of Abbeydore passata to friends and colleagues (not to mention now having a year’s supply, all with our own tomatoes); exchanging a watermelon for an electric blanket and pumpkins for cow manure (as you do in the country!); as well as swapping for other locally-grown produce at the weekly Robertson Crop Swap (when I get the chance to get there).

We even prepared a Christmas gift hamper for a work-related Secret Santa which went down a treat!

So keep an eye out as we seek to divest ourselves of this winter’s harvest – brussel sprouts anyone?

Crop Swap @ Robertson Bowlo

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