The Pumpkin Patch

IMG_20180303_145153.jpgI’m not talking children’s clothes here, nor Halloween, but about our two-year lesson in growing pumpkins. And what a success it has been!

From a patch that last year produced four very tasty pumpkins, to several patches that produced 28 pumpkins, this time a mix of Australian Butter (10) and Golden Nugget (18).

khaleesi pumkin
Khalessi Pumpkin!

So now I’m calling myself the Khaleesi of pumpkins – each was like one of my children, nurtured, looked after and loved – and while they don’t breathe fire and win wars (or get turned into white walkers!) they will be providing us with some fantastic food over the next six months or so.

Last year we made soup (of course), roasted them, used in risotto and made into fritters. This year we plan more of the same, while also trying out some new recipes, such as stuffed Golden Nugget Pumpkin, pumpkin curry, pumpkin bread and anything else I can find that will make use of these beautiful creatures – Khaleesi would be proud (although I never really saw her eat anything on GoT apart from a horse’s heart, so maybe she won’t even care…).

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