To knead or not to knead?

Just-baked in the pot

Actually, that isn’t the question because when making bread we now have a killer recipe that doesn’t require kneading at all!

We first learned about this recipe for No-knead bread via Moza’s sister who made it for us over the Australia Day long weekend and we’ve been making it ever since. It is a Silvia Colloca recipe, and the only requirements are three cups plain flour, ½ teaspoon yeast, two teaspoons of salt, 350ml filtered water at room temp, semolina (for dusting) and a cast-iron pot (our Le Creuset is just perfect) or something that will take a lot of heat (oh, and also remembering to ready the mixture the night before!).

Here’s the recipe from the delicious website – the only thing we do a little differently is, ironically, to actually lightly knead the bread before it gets wrapped in the tea towel, as we’ve found that helps with the rise in the oven. We also use semolina flour / or fine semolina for dusting (as in Silvia’s original recipe) because it is quite a wet mix and we feel flour would get too gluggy.

So, here’s to beautiful homemade bread – once you try it you’ll wonder why you didn’t make bread before!

The finished product


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